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    (photo: A. Heitmann)
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    (photo: A. Heitmann)
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    (photo: M. Maziarka)


Mattia Ometto's new album to be released worldwide on the Piano Classics label on March 2022

Medtner: Forgotten Melodies / Vergessene Weisen (op. 38, 39, 40)
Mattia Ometto, piano
Piano Classics (2CD) 

"Mattia Ometto understands this music to its very core, and communicates with an open heart in these stupendous and winsome
performances. We owe him a debt of gratitude. Chapeau!"  - (Leslie Howard)

"La lettura di Ometto, sorretta da un pianismo variegato e sempre eloquente, rivela con intensa sensibilità il clima ansioso che pervade la densa scrittura [...]. Un prezioso contributo"  
 (Gian Paolo Minardi - La Gazzetta di Parma)

"[...] Ometto brings a sense of songfulness and of virtuosity, and tells with great calm about the retrieval of time."

(Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung)

“[...] Mattia Ometto, who as a student of Earl Wild was able to study the refinements of a virtuosity that is both controlled and unleashed, elicits a sensual glow from Medtner's music. [...] Undoubtedly a pianist is here at work who has devoted himself completely to the music of Nikolai Medtner and knows how to present it in its complex dimensions. [...] 

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(Fono Forum)

"Mattia Ometto est aussi impressionnant par sa virtuosité raffinée, mais non ostentatoire, que par sa profonde musicalité qui met en valeur le langage complexe et si caractéristique de Medtner"
(Click Musique!)

"(Mattia Ometto) can handle any of Medtner’s virtuosic demands, but balances all of the interwoven lines beautifully. The motives that run through each set of Forgotten Melodies undergo a lot of thematic transformation that I have not heard as clearly in previous recordings. He has the musical sensibilities to find these and bring the out the relationships among works that are too often buried in piles of notes"

(James Harrington - Fanfare Sept/Oct 2022)

“Attraverso una lettura che è insieme appassionata e sobria, strumentalmente smagliante quanto sorvegliata, mai eccessiva, il pianista padovano [..] restituisce in tutta la sua complessa, sfaccettata bellezza, la voce di un gigante e della sua storia, condensata in melodie fuggevoli, selvatiche, vertiginose. E da cesellatore quale è ne salda i tasselli in un affresco doloroso e sapido. [...] Un ascolto prezioso e necessario”
(Elide Bergamaschi - OperaTeatro)

"...I would say that Ometto is the way to go. Russian pianists of his day, Medtner included, were famed for their emotional approach to the keyboard, even an axe-chopper like Vladimir Horowitz, thus if Ometto’s approach somewhat resembles the latter rather than the former it is still much closer to an authentic approach to this music than the other two" 
 (Lynn René Bayley - The Art Music Lounge)